City Living Made to Order Custom Width Clotheslines

Are looking for a clothesline for a specific space?

The City Living range of clotheslines are made to order, therefore we can custom make them to a width to suit you. This means if you have a space which is narrower than the standard 3000 and 2400 series clotheslines we can make it narrower for you at no additional cost to you. This is only available for the City Living range of clotheslines and is a made to order product.

You can reduce the size of the Hills and Austral clotheslines also, however we do not provide this as a service.

How it works

You select the clothesline you require and the depth. On the checkout page insert in the notes section how wide you would like your clothesline to be. We can only make them narrower and the depth option can not be changed.

The bolt holes on the clothesline are 80mm in from each end, this is important if you aligning with existing posts or studs

For example if you had a space 2800mm wide and wanted a narrower clothesline, you would order a 3000 series clothesline and request we make it 2700mm wide for you in the notes on the checkout page.


- The clothesline should have 50mm clearance each side
- The clotheline sizes are the overall measurement of the clothes line
- You can also make the width adjustment on site when installing the clothesline