New Clotheslines in Rosebud Victoria 3939

If you are looking for a clothesline, clothes hoist or washing line in Rosebud Victoria 3939, we have you covered. You have access to the highest quality products from all the leading brands.

To ensure all products are processed and despatch in a rapid manner, we hold the largest stock holding of quality clotheslines by all the leading brands in Australia at our National Distribution Centre.

The brands you have access to include the entire range on the iconic Hills Clotheslines and Hoists , Daytek, Austral Clothes Hoists , Brabantia, Kitchen Made, City Living, Retractaline, and Air Dry to name a few.

As an Australian owned and operated business we offer a number of Australian made brands available also, these include City Living, Air Dry and Austral.

Also if you want your clothesline installed or your existing one removed and the new one installed, we have a team of professional installers standing by. You can see more details on this below.

So if you live in the Rosebud Victoria 3939 area and looking for a clothesline or Clothes Hoist solution we have you covered. If require any additional information contact our locally based support team on 1300 509 564

New Clotheslines in Rosebud Victoria 3939

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Popular Clothesline Categories

Fixed Rotary Clothes Hoist: This range includes the traditional Hills Hoist which has a fixed head with a metal framed which can not be folded or removed, Click here for more Fixed Head Clothes Hoist details

Folding Rotary Clothes Hoists: These are clothes hoists which come in multiple colours and the head can fold up when not in use and they can be removed from the ground also, Click here for more Folding Rotary Hoist details

Folding Frame Clotheslines: These are a very popular clothesline, they come in a large range of colours and sizes. They can be installed on a wall or be ground mounted saving a great deal of space in your home. Click Here For More Folding Frame Clothesline Details

Ceiling Airers: These are a unique product and are excellent for saving space or having as a second line for those rainy days. Click here for more Ceiling Mounted Airer details

Retractable Clotheslines: These are ideal for narrow spaces or when space is a premium, you get a large hanging area and the ability to retract the line when not in use. Click here for more Retractable Clothesline details

Portable Clotheslines: These are excellent as a second line or unit line and can be used indoors or out doors. Click here for more Portable Clothesline details

Clothes Hoist and Clothesline Installation Services

If you are looking for a professional clothes Hoist or Clothesline installation or installation and removal service, we have a solution for you. Our professional clothesline installers can install your new clothesline and remove and dispose of your existing one if required.

This service is available through out Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, click here to see if your area is covered.

How it works:

When you order your clothesline you, select which service you require (some products do not have an installation option), once your clothesline order is processed you will receive the details of the clothesline installation professional who will carry out your installation.

You will receive your clotheslines prior to our professional installer coming to your address. We only install clotheslines which have been purchased from The Clothesline Store.

What Does Installation and Installation and Removal Include: For all the details of what's included in the clothesline installation and removal services, click here to visit our installation services page 

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Shona From Alexandria is showing her new Hills Portable 170 From The Clothesline Store

Natalie is showing her new Hills Rotary Folding Hoist purchased from The Clothesline Store

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New Clotheslines in Rosebud Victoria 3939
Hills Portable 170 Clotheslines

Featured Product
Hills Portable 170 Clothesline

Hills Portable Clotheslines are an innovative indoor-outdoor drying solution that bridges the gap between conventional outdoor clotheslines and indoor clothes airers. These clotheslines handle a full wash load – even sheets (hanging over the ends) – and are tough, durable and look great too. 10 lines giving 17 metres of line space plus you can simply increase the hanging capacity by using the built in coat hanger holes.

Suitable for balconies, patios, carports, garages, living room's etc. Made by Hills an Australian icon.

Benefits Include:

  • Coat Hanger Holes to increase drying load
  • 17m of line space, 10 Evenly spaced lines
  • Stable and strong
  • Easy to move, Folds up flat when not in use
  • Ideal for extra drying space
  • Suitable for a 1-3 person wash
  • Lightweight design
  • Free Delivery at The Clothesline Store