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Frequently Asked Questions


Special Note: At the Clothesline Store delivery is included in all our prices and there is no false count down timers which never run down. 

Are the clotheslines Australian Made. A number of the clotheslines we sell are Australian Made". These include the very popular brands such as Air Dry, City Living, Austral and Versaline. Other brands such as Hills and Daytek are not made in Australia. Each listing will often have it stated if the product is made in Australia.

What Forms of Payment Do You Take.  To ensure an easy and secure transaction process for out clients we offer several payment methods, these include Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Paypal and Direct deposits. All credit card payments are processed via one of the worlds safest gateways, eway.

How do you deliver: We use industry leading couriers to deliver your clothes lines. The name of the courier can vary depending on your location as not all couriers cover Australia.

How often do you ship: We dispatch products every business day.

How long to send it out: Refer our shipping page by clicking this link: Shipping

Do you install the clotheslines, Yes we can install the clotheslines, you can see the locations we service by clicking this link: Installation Areas and Details

Can I have a custom size made, Yes we can provide a custom width clothes line for some of the City Living products only. To order a customer width clothes line simply order the next size up and in the notes section of your order insert the width you require. For example if you wanted one 2200mm wide, you would order a 2400 wide clothes line with a note saying make 2200mm wide. There is no extra charge for this. You can also cut the width down on the Hills and Austral products if required. 

What's the distance between the install holes, For the Cityliving products, the installation holes are 80mm in from each end. Therefore a 3000 series clothes line will have hole centres of 2840mm. This also applies to custom width clotheslines.

How fast can I have my clothesline, It can take a few days to despatch or make your clothes line. Once it leaves our factory we have no control over the couriers, therefore we will never guarantee a delivery time as we can only control when it leave our factory, claiming anything else would be dishonest.

Do you include legs in the ground mounted range, yes all ground mounted clothes lines include legs. In the wall mounted section you also have the option to include a ground mount kit. For the Hills product line you are required to add the legs as an option.

Is shipping included, yes all prices on the site include free shipping, more details can be found in our shipping policy, click this link to find out more: Shipping Policy

If you question is not answered in the above, please have no hesitation in contacting us on 1300 509 564 or via email on the following link: Contact Us