Hills Clothesline Clearance Centre

If you are looking for a quality Hills clothesline and clearance prices, we have you covered. At our clearance centre we have a large number of Hills clothesline sizes and styles which are available at wholesale prices.

The range of clotheslines include:

  • The Hills Folding frame lines which can be mounted on the wall or in the ground using a ground mount kit
  • Hills Rotary folding head clothesline, which can also be removed when not in use
  • The popular Everyday 4 and 6 line retractable clotheslines and mounting posts
  • The Iconic Hills Heritage 4 and 5 galvanised fixed head clothesline

So if you are looking for a quality clothesline are great prices, visit us at our Wollongong clearance centre.

84 Swan Street Wollongong, Ph 1300 509 564