How To Select a Folding Frame Wall Mounted Clothesline

These are some key points to consider when selecting a Folding Frame Wall Mounted Clothesline

The folding frame clotheslines are one of the most common styles in the market today. This is because they can be located on a wall or posts and take up less space than the traditional rotary clotheslines. They are available from several suppliers and come in different widths and depths.

If you are looking for a high quality product which has the ability to have the width changed and comes with a host of colour options, then the Air Dry brand is hard to beat which are also Australian made.

The key points to consider are:

  • How many people in your family or do you wash for
  • How often do you wash
  • What are the wash load sizes you have
  • How much space do you have available on your wall for the width
  • Allow at least 50mm to 100mm each side of the Clothes Hoist
  • How much depth do you have from the wall to you
  • The number of lines you would like (often dictated by the above)
  • The sheet size you would like to hang on it
  • The type of wall you are looking to fasten the clothesline to

In addition to the above the type of installation you want to carry out should be considered, you can see more detailed information on the Installation Guide page

Clothesline Product Ctagories

Clothesline Installation and Removal Services

If you are looking for a professional Clothesline installation or installation and removal service, we have you covered. Our professional clothesline installers can install your new clotheslines and remove and take your existing one if required.

For all the details of what's included in the clothesline installation and removal services and to see if your area is covered , click here for more detailed information on the installation service 

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Product Categories

Fixed Rotary Clothes Hoist: This range includes the traditional Hills Hoist which has a fixed head with a metal framed which can not be folded or removed, Click here for more Fixed Head Clothes Hoist details

Folding Rotary Clothes Hoists: These are clothes hoists which come in multiple colours and the head can fold up when not in use and they can be removed from the ground also, Click here for more Folding Rotary Hoist details

Folding Frame Clotheslines: These are a very popular clothesline, they come in a large range of colours and sizes. They can be installed on a wall or be ground mounted saving a great deal of space in your home. Click Here For More Folding Frame Clothesline Details

Ceiling Airers: These are a unique product and are excellent for saving space or having as a second line for those rainy days. Click here for more Ceiling Mounted Airer details

Retractable Clotheslines: These are ideal for narrow spaces or when space is a premium, you get a large hanging area and the ability to retract the line when not in use. Click here for more Retractable Clothesline details

Portable Clotheslines: These are excellent as a second line or unit line and can be used indoors or out doors. Click here for more Portable Clothesline details

Hills Everyday Single Clothesline - Folding Frame

Hills Everyday Folding Frame Single Clothesline is a very popular wall mounted model. It has a 21 mtrs of hanging space and can easily be folded down when not in use. It is suitable for up to 4 people with well spaced lines for faster drying.


  • Suitable for 4 people
  • 21mtr of hanging space
  • 2200mm wide x 1200mm deep
  • Ground mount kit available
  • Powder coated steel
  • You can cut your line down in width, this does not void your warranty
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • 10 year warranty
  • Free Delivery at The Clothesline Store

Trevor is showing his new Hills Hoist 7 Line Rotary Clothesline from The Clothesline Store

Natalie is showing her new Hills Rotary Folding Hoist purchased from The Clothesline Store

Shona From Alexandria is showing her new Hills Portable 170 From The Clothesline Store

Amy from Terrigal is showing her new Hills Portable 170 Folding Hoist purchased from The Clothesline Store