Discover the iconic Hills Hoist, the gold standard in rotary clotheslines. Offering 6, 7 and 8 lines of hanging space on the rotary clotheslines, and more with the folding frame clotheslines and retractable. The models can accommodate anything from queen to king sheets with ease. Crafted from galvanised steel, these free-standing and wall-mounted clotheslines are built to last.

Whether you choose a rotary folding clothesline, fixed head rotary, folding frame or retractable clothesline, you'll benefit from these high-quality products. The original hoist design by Hills ensures that all your sheet sizes fit perfectly. Choose Hills for quality, durability, and ample line space.

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Hills Clotheslines

Meet the famous Hills Hoist, a leader in rotary clotheslines. With options of 6, 7, or 8 lines on our rotary models, and even more on our folding frame and retractable lines, you'll have plenty of room to dry everything from queen to king-sized sheets. Made from strong galvanised steel, our clotheslines are built to last and come in both free-standing and wall-mounted options.

Whether you pick a rotary, folding, or retractable design, you're guaranteed a high-quality product. Hills' original hoist design makes sure all your sheets fit just right. Choose Hills for lasting quality and generous hanging space.