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If you are looking for a professional clothes Hoist or Clothesline installation or installation and removal service, we have you covered. Our professional clothesline installers can install your new clotheslines and remove and take your existing one if required.

For all the details of what's included in the clothesline installation and removal services and to see if your area is covered , click here for more detailed information on the installation service.

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  • Excellent customer service and perfect product!

    Could not fault the process! Rang up wanting a clothesline and within 5 minutes purchase was complete. It arrived very quickly and is perfect for our needs! I'm so happy I chose to support an Aussie business rather than a hardware store franchise that was going to take 3 plus weeks to get the exact same clothesline!!

    Emile E.

    Verified Buyer

  • I recommend this product
    Best purchase EVER!

    A fantastic clothesline that has exceeded my expectations! Looks and performs great in all weather conditions. Professional installation and a wonderful company to deal with. Happy wife, happy life, and I am certainly happy with my Air Dry 3000.

    Karen D.

    Verified Buyer

  • Great product at an even greater price!

    I needed a new Hills clothesline & fast. I couldn't believe the price that I got from the Clothesline Store and free freight to boot. Living in a regional area of Queensland I figured that I'd be waiting at least a week so imagine my surprise when it was delivered to my door in under 48 hours - truly impressive service.

    Leanne W.

    Verified Buyer