Folding Rotary Hoist

Folding Rotary Clotheslines are a new take on the older design. They are a popular clothesline because they can be folded up when not in use and also removed from their ground socket giving you back valuable space.

These Rotary Clotheslines are made from a powder coated galvanised steel come in a range of sizes and colours with the most popular being the Hills Hoist, the Australian made version is by Austral.

Ranging in line space and hanging space most can take a queens sheets and king sheets.

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Folding Rotary Clotheslines

olding Rotary Clotheslines offer a modern twist on a classic design, gaining popularity for their ability to fold away when not in use. Additionally, they can be easily removed from their ground sockets, freeing up valuable space in your yard or outdoor area.

Crafted from powder-coated galvanized steel, these rotary clotheslines are available in various sizes and colors. Among the most sought-after is the Hills Hoist, with its Australian counterpart being produced by Austral.

With varying line and hanging space options, most of these clotheslines are spacious enough to accommodate both queen and king-sized sheets. Experience the perfect blend of tradition and convenience with our Folding Rotary Clotheslines.