Portable Clotheslines

Portable Clotheslines are a great space saver as they can be used as a second clothesline or an inside clothesline and folds flat when not in use. 

It comes in a range of styles and designs and are excellent for indoor and outdoor use as they are UV stabalised.

The Hills portable 170 is one of the most popular portable clothesline on the market today.

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Portable Clotheslines

The Portable Clothesline is a game-changer for anyone who needs a flexible and efficient solution for drying clothes. Its lightweight design ensures simple manoeuvring, yet it's robust enough to handle towels and large wash loads.

With ample line space provided by multiple portable clotheslines, you can easily dry a variety of garments all at once.

Its material construction is UV stabilised, guaranteeing durability even when exposed to the elements. When not in use, the unit folds flat for convenient storage or transport.

Ideal for both small living spaces and outdoor activities, this portable clothesline makes laundry day a breeze.