How to Assemble The Hills Portable 170 Clothesline

In this short video we show you how to assemble the Hills Portable 170 clothesline. The Portable clothesline can be used inside and out also can be folded up when not in use, it's one of the most popular clotheslines on the market today.

There are no additional tools required as the clothesline comes complete with an Allen key which is all that's required to assemble the clothesline. A pair of scissors may be required to cut the cord.

How To Fold The Hills Portable 170 Clothesline

The Hills Portable 170 Clothesline Product Review

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Shona From Alexandria is showing her new Hills Portable 170 From The Clothesline Store

Amy from Terrigal is showing her new Hills Portable 170 Folding Hoist purchased from The Clothesline Store

Hills Portable 170 Clotheslines

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Hills Portable 170 Clothesline

Hills Portable Clotheslines are an innovative indoor-outdoor drying solution that bridges the gap between conventional outdoor clotheslines and indoor clothes airers. These clotheslines handle a full wash load – even sheets (hanging over the ends) – and are tough, durable and look great too. 10 lines giving 17 metres of line space plus you can simply increase the hanging capacity by using the built in coat hanger holes.

Suitable for balconies, patios, carports, garages, living room's etc. Made by Hills an Australian icon.

Benefits Include:

  • Coat Hanger Holes to increase drying load
  • 17m of line space, 10 Evenly spaced lines
  • Stable and strong
  • Easy to move, Folds up flat when not in use
  • Ideal for extra drying space
  • Suitable for a 1-3 person wash
  • Lightweight design
  • Free Delivery at The Clothesline Store

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