How to Fold a Hills Folding Frame Clothesline


This page will show you everything required to open and close a Hills Folding Frame Clothesline

Key Points to Note

  1. Read the instructions before operating the clothesline
  2. Use two hands evenlyspaced on the front of the clothesline and lift the line evenly above the horizontal until you hear one click to open or two clicks to close the line
  3. Lower the line down slowly until it locks in possition or until it unlocks and folds down
  4. This may be required to be repeated if the strut does not engage or disengage the first time

Product Instruction Manuals

Click the links below for the Hills Installation Instructions.

Everyday Single & Double: Click here for instructions
Long, Compact & Mini: Click here for Instructions
Single and Double: Click here for Instructions


How To Open and Close a Hills Clothesline