How to Install a Hills Retractable Clothesline

This page will show you everything required to install a Hills Retractable Clothesline

Key Points to Note

  1. Read the instructions before starting
  2. The line must extend at least 2m to a maximum of 6.75m
  3. Install 50 to 100mm above the persons head who uses it most, take into account the sag in the middle of the clothesline
  4. Always hang heavy items at each end, not the middle.
  5. Pull the line in and out a number of times before using it.

The video below shows how to install the Hills Retractable Clothesline.

Product Instruction Manuals

Click the links below for the Hills Retractable Instructions.

Retracting 5 and 7:
Click here for instructions

Post Kit: Click here for instructions
Mount Bar:
Click here for instructions

How to Install The Hills Retractable Clothesline

Product Review Post Mounted

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Installation Service Available

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