The Hidden Dangers of Clothesline Covers

The Hidden Dangers of Clothesline Covers: Why They May Void Your Warranty

Clothesline covers are popular accessories that promise to protect your laundry from various weather conditions, such as rain, harsh sunlight, and bird droppings. However, while they may seem like a simple and effective solution, clothesline covers can potentially harm your clothesline, a consequence often not covered by manufacturers' warranties.

How Clothesline Covers Can Damage Your Clothesline

  • Accumulation of Moisture: While designed to keep rain off your clothes, a cover can trap moisture between the fabric and the line, leading to accelerated wear and tear, or even rusting of metal components.
  • Wind Stress: Clothesline covers catch the wind much like sails, adding unexpected stress to the frame and lines. Over time, this can lead to warping or breaking of the structure. We have even seen entire clotheslines pulled from the ground and thrown across the yard.
  • Material Deterioration: The cover itself can deteriorate under prolonged exposure to the elements, causing abrasive or acidic materials to come into contact with your clothesline accelerating damage.
  • Overheating: On hot days, a cover can trap heat, causing wooden or plastic components to warp or become brittle.


 The Warranty Issue

Many consumers are not aware that using a clothesline cover might void their product warranty. Manufacturers design clotheslines to withstand specific levels of stress and environmental conditions. Adding a cover alters these conditions and can lead to damages that are not the result of a product defect or normal wear and tear. Consequently, manufacturers may reject warranty claims if they determine that a cover has contributed to the problem.


What You Can Do Instead


  • Check Warranty Terms: Before purchasing a cover, read your clothesline's warranty terms carefully. Some manufacturers may offer covers designed to be compatible with their products.
  • Frequent Checks: If you decide to use a cover, regularly inspect your clothesline for early signs of wear and tear or damage.
  • Weather-Resistant Lines: Consider investing in a clothesline made of materials designed to withstand your local weather conditions without the need for additional covering.
  • Temporary Covers: Use covers only during adverse weather conditions and remove them promptly to prevent moisture accumulation and stress.


By understanding the potential downsides of using a clothesline cover, you can make an informed decision that protects your investment while keeping your laundry fresh and dry.



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