Hills Single Folding Frame Clothesline in Basalt

The Hills Single Folding Clothesline in Basalt (Grey) is the newest colour for the Single Folding Frame Clothesline and has proved to be a a very popular choice for both wall mounted and ground mounted clothesline installations. The Basalt (Grey) Clothesline is ideal if you live in a house with plenty of garden space or an apartment, because one of the benefits of this clothesline is it can be folded up when not in use giving you back valuable space.

The Hills Folding Frame Clothesline is ideal for both wall mounted and ground mounted installation, for a ground mounted installation the ground mounting kits is required which allows the clothesline to be free standing.The buyers guide video provides a great deal of information on what to be aware of when buying this type of clothesline.

The Basalt coloured clothesline is 2.2m wide and 1.2m deep and has 21m of hanging space. There is also a budget model available with the same specifications yet is not the same design and does not have the same colour options, this is the Hills Everyday Single Clothesline. The outside is the longest line of 2.2m they can fit double sheets or Queen and King if you fold them.

Folding Frame Clothesline

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