How to Install a Hills Folding Frame Clothesline

This page will show you everything required to install an Hills Hills Folding Frame Clothesline

Key Points to Note

  1. Read the instructions and check you have all the parts as per the manual
  2. Install 50 to 100mm above the persons head who uses it most, take into account the slight upward slope of the Clothesline
  3. Ensure the brackets and arms are on the correct side
  4. Assemble spreader bar and insert into the corners and tighten 
  5. Leave approximately 20cm of cord hanging when you start threading it as you will use it later
  6. Tension all the lines by pulling them toward you and pulling and take up the slack by using the 20cm cord left hanging
  7. Do not over tension the lines like they are a piano or guitar as you may damage the clothesline
  8. Do not put tension on the cord plastic tie off clip as it will break 
  9. Ongoing maintenance will require you to retention the cord if or when it sags  

The video below shows how to install the Hills Clothesline and tension the cord.

For the Hills Everyday folding frame clothesline installation videos Click here

Product Instruction Manuals

Click the links below for the Hills Installation Instructions.

Mini: Click here for Instructions
Long: Click here for instructions
Compact: Click here for instructions
Single: Click here for instructions
Click here for Instructions
Ground Mount Kit:
Click here for instructions

How to Install a Hills Folding Frame

This is the same process for all Hills Folding Frames excluding the Everyday Range

How to Open and Close The Hills Folding Frame Clothesline

How to Reduce the Width of a Hills Folding Clothesline

 How to Open and Close The Hills Folding Frame Clotheslines


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