The Installation Process

Thank you for ordering our clothesline installation service. Below are some important details regarding the installation and removal services you have ordered. Please review these and contact us if your installation is not covered in our standard installation service.

The video below and "Important Notes For Your Installation" sections covers our installation services and other important information regarding installation types.

If our installers attend your location and the surface or area is not suitable for the installation (refer below), the type of installation required is not our standard installation or you are not at home for the installation a call out fee of $100.00 will be charged

Important Notes Before Selecting Installation
  • The standard installation price includes the installation into grass only as we concrete the clothes hoist into the ground/dirt. If you have a concrete path, drive way or similar, some brands offer base plates which can be bolted to the top, this is on to bare concrete only, otherwise holes (core Hole Drilling) will be required to be drilled into the concrete if possible. Core hole drilling is an additional cost for these installation contact us on 1300 509 564.
  • Wall mounted clotheslines can be installed onto Brick or Concrete walls only. We don't install them onto Hebal, Weatherboard or Blue Board walls or any type of Fence. We recommend a ground mounted product or ground mount kit.
  • The clotheslines are designed to be installed on level ground if they are ground mounted, if you have a slopping area the clothesline will not be able to be installed, if our installer attends your site and not able to install the line a call out fee will be charged
If you are not sure if your location or type of installation is covered in our standard installation service either send us an email us at or call one of our team on 1300 509 564 as we will be happy to assist.