What Happens Next With Your Portable 120 Clothesline

Thank you for your valued order, the video below reveals some very important information regarding your Portable 120 clothesline order including what will be happening next and assembly details.

NOTE: There is no installation available with the Portable Clotheslines so please disregard this part of the video.


How To Assemble Your Hills Portable 120 Clothesline

The below video shows you how to assemble your Hills Portable 120 Folding Clothesline when you receive it.

How to Open and Close The Portable 170

Below is a short video on how to Open and Close the Portable 170 & 120 Clothesline Hinge

How to Fold The Portable 170

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If you are looking for a professional clothes Hoist or Clothesline installation or installation and removal service, we have you covered. Our professional clothesline installers can install your new clotheslines and remove and take your existing one if required.

For all the details of what's included in the clothesline installation and removal services and to see if your area is covered , click here for more detailed information on the installation service.

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