How to Find The Right Fixed Head Rotary Clothes Hoist


These are some key points to consider when selecting a Fixed Head Rotary Clothes Hoist

The fixed head rotary clothesline hoists are fixed into the ground and can not be folded up when not in use. If you require this type of Clothes Hoist, the Folding Head Rotary will be a more suitable option. The most commonly know product is the Hills 6 Line Heritage and 7 Line Heritage Hoist which can still be found in many back yards today. This is still one of the most popular fixed head rotary clothes hoists on the market today.

  • How many people in your family or do you wash for
  • How often do you wash
  • What are the wash load sizes you have
  • How much space do you have available in your garden
  • Allow at least 500mm around the outside of the Clothes Hoist
  • The number of lines you would like (often dictated by the above)
  • The sheet size you would like to hang on it

In addition to the above the type of installation you want to carry out should be considered, you can see more detailed information on the Installation Guide page 



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