How long can the retractable clothesline extend?

How long can the retractable clothesline extend?

Are you looking to update your laundry routine? Whether you care about sustainability or cost savings, retractable clotheslines are a convenient and space-saving solution for drying clothes. 


If you're a fan of hanging clothes outside and the scent of fresh laundry, you've likely considered getting one. But we understand you might be worried about the maximum retractable clothesline length. This article answers your doubts, so make sure to go through it!


How long can a retractable clothesline extend?


The retractable clothesline extends up to 10 meters, providing ample hanging space to suit your needs. But don't forget that most come with multiple lines, increasing the span. 


For example, a retractable clothesline with a length of 8 meters provides 40 m of hanging space, which is typically enough for 5-6 people. Clotheslines reaching a maximum of 4.4m provide 22 meters of hanging space, sufficient for 4 people. This is calculated by the number of lines multiplied by the extended length of the line


Hills Post Mounted Retracting Clothesline


What is a good length for a clothesline?

Choosing the suitable retractable clothesline length isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. The ideal size for a clothesline depends on the amount of laundry and available space. An average laundry load requires about 10 meters of hanging space. Therefore, you need to ensure the clothesline accommodates that.


The specific retractable clothesline length varies between brands and models, so consider the total line space per retractable clothesline. Check the product specifications provided by the manufacturer to determine the line space. 


Assessing your needs is the best starting point. Whether you have a tiny balcony or a spacious backyard, there should be a clothesline to suit your installation and the entire collection can be found by clicking this link 


If you have enough space, getting a clothesline that's long enough to accommodate blankets and sheets is essential. For large families with frequent laundry loads, investing in a longer clothesline is recommended. This will help to ensure that all the laundry is hung up properly and has enough space to dry.


Another thing to remember is to allow some free space between the clothes. Overcrowding the line can increase the drying time, which is something you should consider when planning your laundry routine.


What is the largest retractable clothesline?

Austral Retractaway 50 is the longest retractable on the market with 50m of hanging space available. The unit has a line tensioning mechanism that tensions all lines at the same time. It can be adapted for wall-to-wall installation.



The Austral Retractaway 50



Difference between line numbers and extendable length 

Taking into account the number of lines and the extendable length is essential. The extendable length refers to the distance between the cabinet and the endpoint. This is the total space the retractable clothesline takes when fully extended, you should also consider the number of lines as this impacts the width the line will take. 


On the other hand, the line area is the total space for hanging laundry. It is the capacity of the clothesline or the total available space for hanging clothes. Retractable clotheslines usually come with several lines, which offer more hanging space to accommodate a larger load of laundry. 


For example, if the retractable clothesline is 8 meters long and has 5 lines, you get 40 meters of line space. Understanding both measurements can help you choose a suitable model that fully meets your laundry needs. 


Factors that determine the extension length

  • Length of area for the Clothesline: The distance you have available for the clothesline to extend into. Does the clothesline have a minimum extended length, This is important as some products may not fit into your space in
  • Width for Housing: The amount of width you have the accommodate the housing that the clothesline retracts into
  • Setup Requirements: does the clothesline require you to cut the cord to the length you require when setting it up like the Austral products?
  • Other products: The installation type will determine if you require a mounting post at the end of the clothesline.
  • Housing unit size: The larger housing units can accommodate longer lines, allowing for ample hanging space.
  • Tension mechanism: A good quality extension mechanism provides a secure hold, enabling longer extension without snapping.


Where is the best place to put a retractable clothesline?

The clothesline placement depends on the available space, convenience, sunlight exposure, and privacy preferences. 

Laundry Room

If your laundry room receives sunlight, it is perfect for setting up the clothesline. You can hang the clothes as soon as the quick spin is done, streamlining the process. And let's not forget it provides privacy, so you can hang your delicate garments without any worries. But if you have a small laundry room, this will limit the length of your retractable clothesline.



The sunny spot in your backyard is perfect for setting up your retractable clothesline. Make Sure it receives optimal sunlight throughout the day for speedy drying. Also, remember that this location should be easily accessible from the laundry room. 



If you're short of space, you can place the clothesline in the bathroom. It is ideal for setting up an extra clothesline when you have a lot of laundry.


Final thoughts

The versatile retracting clothesline solutions are convenient and save space, making laundry day a breeze. Whether you want to maximise the drying capacity or need one that fits your space, choosing the right retractable clothesline length is essential. 

Ready to find the perfect clothesline to make our laundry routine more efficient while saving space? Explore our wide selection of clotheslines and enjoy the benefits of sun drying!