Austral Clotheslines

Discover the full range of Austral Clotheslines, designed to meet every line space need in true Aussie style. Whether you're looking for a free-standing option enabled by our Ground Mount Kit or a wall-mounted solution, we've got you covered.

Our clotheslines come in a vibrant palette of colors, including Classic Cream, Woodland Grey, Cottage Green, and Shale Grey, to complement any Australian home. Built to withstand local weather conditions, each Australian-made clothesline ensures durability and functionality. Choose Austral Clotheslines for a reliable and stylish way to dry your clothes.

Austral Clotheslines are Australian Made

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Aussie-Made Quality & Versatility

Austral Clotheslines is a proudly Australian-made and family-owned brand offering a range of durable, customisable clotheslines. From traditional Rotary Hoists to space-saving Fold Downs and innovative Retractables, Austral meets diverse household needs.

Built to last in the tough Australian climate, each product features robust, steel and galvanised steel construction. Choosing Austral not only saves energy but also supports local manufacturing. Invest in a sustainable, reliable, and distinctly Aussie way to dry your clothes with Austral Clotheslines.